MAP No.705

Hakodate Morning Market

The market got its start in 1945, just after the war, with farmers peddling their vegetables on the street in front of Hakodate Station. The market was subsequently moved three times, and the grounds now total approximately 33,000 square meters. Here there are roughly 150 retailers belonging to the Recommended-Stores Federation and the Oshima Vegetable Farmers Cooperative, and approximately 250 retailers in total.

The market is located a one-minute walk from Hakodate Station. The market offers not just seafood such as crab and salmon as well as a farmers’ market, but also a number of eateries serving food such as seafood donburi. It is one of the best-known tourist attractions in Hakodate.

To make the market a happy place where customers are always satisfied and no one has any complaint, the Hakodate Asaichi Cooperation Federation established the “Five Rules of the Hakodate Asaichi Recommended Stores”. The sign of the Federation is the Asaicchan recommended-store mark shown in the image.

In addition, in April 2014 Oshima-dome, a symbol of Asaichi, was reopened in Hakodate Morning Market Square after renovation.
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