One extra small dish free for anyone who comes in a group.
MAP No.102

nomi-kui-dokoro Kikuyo-syokudo Bayarea branch shop

This traditional seafood izakaya is a branch of the famous shop founded in Asaichi in 1956. It serves charcoal-grilled yakimono dishes and rice dishes in the same authentic style as the main shop.

During the day it serves a full menu: seafood rice dishes, live squid, various kinds of sashimi, fried fish, meal sets, gozen meals, soba noodles, udon noodles, and à la carte dishes.

In the evening it is a trendy place to savor a blend of Japanese and Western homemade dishes unique to Hakodate while enjoying a full range of sakes.

There is seating for 20 at the counter, for 50 at tables, and for 30 in the raised tatami area.